Hyper Dog Ball Launcher Review

I purchased a Hyper Dog Ball Launcher from Amazon because my hyper dog, Sheila, is a real pain in the butt. She’s a German Shepherd / Husky mix with more energy than a two-year-old high off caffeine. She won’t just settle for one walk. She demands a jog, a rubdown, and perhaps even a lengthy game of fetch. Suffice it to say, she’s a real handful, which is why I decided to invest in a Hyper Dog Ball Launcher.
It’s essentially a slingshot. You hold it steady with your left hand, and pull back with your right. Then you let go and watch your dog charge at the ball like a rhino. At first Sheila was unsure about it, but now she literally goes buck wild every time I pull back on it. The hard part is trying to keep her still. Methinks that running for the ball before I’ve launched it is akin to cheating, Madam!

Since the Hyper Dog Ball Launcher is a slingshot, you do have to work at it-in that the harder you pull, the farther the ball will launch. According to the manufacturer, the Hyper Dog can launch a ball up to 220 feet. That’s a lie. I’m a decently strong man, yet the farthest I’ve been able to launch a ball is 200 feet. Granted, that’s farther than I would have been able to launch the ball with just my hand, but still.

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If a young and handsome albeit geeky man can barely launch a ball 200 feet, can you imagine how far someone with weak or arthritic hands would be able to launch it? My point is that the Hyper Dog Ball Launcher isn’t an optimal choice for people with any sort of hand or arm condition. It’s not a no-sweat solution. It’s a lot less tiresome than taking Fido on a walk or throwing the ball 150 billion times, but it still requires effort.

Another concern is the band. The launcher came with an extra pair, but I still worry. Every time I pull back, especially when I pull hard, I worry that the band will snap and fly right into my face. I even heard about a guy who got a welt the size of a knuckle because his band snapped. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but still.

Ultimately, I’m fairly satisfied with my Hyper Dog Ball Launcher. Whereas exhausting Sheila used to require playing two hours of fetch and jogging for an hour, all that’s required now is one simple 45-minute (max) game of what I call ‘Super Duper Fetch.’ I plan to take it up a notch real soon by purchasing some bouncy Kong tennis balls. My hope is that it’ll cause the ball to go even farther, which will in turn force Sheila to work even harder! (HAHAHA evil laugh).

Anyway. If you’re in good shape and health, and you’re interested in finding a way to work your dog more quickly and efficiently (especially on those days when you’re just swamped with work), then definitely consider buying a Hyper Dog Ball Launcher.

Final Review Grade: A-


Disciplining Your Dog with a Noise Maker

dog training puppies discipline

Disciplining your dog can be frustrating when it calls for quick action. Obnoxious barking, unwanted chewing, jumping on furniture, snatching food from counters, or chasing the family cat are bad behaviors. There’s a technique ideal to combat this issue with a handy tool that makes noise. Dog discipline will be easier than you thought using this simple noise maker or you can try to get one of the best bark collars online.

You’ve likely heard of this homemade tool before – an empty soda can with 2-4 pennies in it. If not, it’s a great deterrent for your dog’s bad behaviors. The loud, attention-getting noise startles the dog, immediately putting a stop to the annoying activity.

This technique is perhaps the easiest form of disciplining a dog. Put 2-4 pennies inside an empty soda can and tape the top well so the pennies don’t fly out when you rigorously shake the can. It’s effective for numerous behavior corrections not only in dogs, but cats as well.

What’s great about this method is it’s very successful and quite harmless. It takes very little shaking of the device to discipline your dog. Dogs dislike the sound of this noise making tool and quickly associate it with the bad behavior they’re displaying.

Disciplining Dog: Examples for Use

The noise making can is perfect for dog behaviors which consist of hyperactivity, incessant barking, unnecessary growling, bothering another pet, jumping on furniture or being restless in the car.

If you have a dog in the house that barks constantly at just about everything, picking up the can and shaking it at them yelling “no” will do wonders. It’s so handy because the soda can is accessible and doesn’t require running after the dog while correcting the bad behavior. The soda can with pennies requires no additional physical effort than that of shaking it at the dog.

When hyper dogs ride in cars they tend to be restless, unsettled, and refuse to settle down. This gets annoying to a driver real fast if the dog is big, blocks view through the rearview mirror, and wants to jump in the front seat. Have the soda can near you and when the dog acts up, just shake the can at the dog and firmly say “lay down” or “sit.” When you first do this, the dog will be startled and sit, wondering what that loud object was. When the dog resumes the bad behavior again, just the sight of you picking up the can will deter the dog from acting up and he will finally get the point he needs to settle down.

The same principles apply for disciplining your dog when they jump on furniture. When you see the dog on the couch or in the act of leaping on it, instantly shake the soda can and yell “get down!”

If you have a family cat or a dog lower in the pecking order, shake the soda when the dog misbehaves towards the other animals. It may scare the other animals momentarily, but the bad behavior in the top dog will decrease with this method.

Disciplining Your Dog: Effective Discipline

What makes the soda can technique so effective with disciplining your dog is it’s harmless, easy, and stress-free. It’s ideal for in-home use and it’s a clear message to your dog. The key with this tool in disciplining your dog the moment the misbehavior begins.


Two Items that Should Be in Any Basic Obedience Training Course

Finding a dog training program can be a challenge however depending on what you are looking for a dog training program can help out. I know that when I was looking for a dog training program my dog was already potty trained, knew his name, and knew some basic commands. Some of the training programs do offer help with these topics though so if you are looking for that type of program here are some things that you should expect.

I know that potty training can be a hard thing to teach a dog that is just learning to go potty. Now some of the training programs will teach you how to pad train your dog which can be a good thing if you have time to clean the pads or do have time to take your dog out all the time. Sometimes the dog training instructor will give you various things to do that will help you teach your dog how to go potty outside. If you are looking for a program that provides this type of training you will want to make sure that the program will be able to successfully train your dog to use the potty. Obviously if the program does not live up to helping you potty train your dog then you will want to ask for a refund or see what kind of remedial training they offer for your dog and his potty training issues.

Getting your dog to know his name.Getting your dog to know his name can be difficult to teach him. Now granted a lot of times after you repeat his name many times he will learn that you’re talking to him, but some dogs will not realize that you are talking to them. A training program that will help you with the dog knowing his name problem then will be considered successful by getting your dog to know his name. While sometimes the trainer will have to help you learn how to talk to your dog to get them to know the name faster it will help you out in the long run the faster that your dog learns his name.

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Finding a dog training program can be hard at times, but you have to know what you are looking for in a dog training program before you can determine which one you need. If you are looking for a dog training program that will help you potty train your dog then you will need a very basic course, if you want a course that will teach your dog his name then you might just need a consult with a trainer. Any form of training that you give your dog though will help you both live a long and happy life with each other.