Disciplining Your Dog with a Noise Maker

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Disciplining your dog can be frustrating when it calls for quick action. Obnoxious barking, unwanted chewing, jumping on furniture, snatching food from counters, or chasing the family cat are bad behaviors. There’s a technique ideal to combat this issue with a handy tool that makes noise. Dog discipline will be easier than you thought using this simple noise maker or you can try to get one of the best bark collars online.

You’ve likely heard of this homemade tool before – an empty soda can with 2-4 pennies in it. If not, it’s a great deterrent for your dog’s bad behaviors. The loud, attention-getting noise startles the dog, immediately putting a stop to the annoying activity.

This technique is perhaps the easiest form of disciplining a dog. Put 2-4 pennies inside an empty soda can and tape the top well so the pennies don’t fly out when you rigorously shake the can. It’s effective for numerous behavior corrections not only in dogs, but cats as well.

What’s great about this method is it’s very successful and quite harmless. It takes very little shaking of the device to discipline your dog. Dogs dislike the sound of this noise making tool and quickly associate it with the bad behavior they’re displaying.

Disciplining Dog: Examples for Use

The noise making can is perfect for dog behaviors which consist of hyperactivity, incessant barking, unnecessary growling, bothering another pet, jumping on furniture or being restless in the car.

If you have a dog in the house that barks constantly at just about everything, picking up the can and shaking it at them yelling “no” will do wonders. It’s so handy because the soda can is accessible and doesn’t require running after the dog while correcting the bad behavior. The soda can with pennies requires no additional physical effort than that of shaking it at the dog.

When hyper dogs ride in cars they tend to be restless, unsettled, and refuse to settle down. This gets annoying to a driver real fast if the dog is big, blocks view through the rearview mirror, and wants to jump in the front seat. Have the soda can near you and when the dog acts up, just shake the can at the dog and firmly say “lay down” or “sit.” When you first do this, the dog will be startled and sit, wondering what that loud object was. When the dog resumes the bad behavior again, just the sight of you picking up the can will deter the dog from acting up and he will finally get the point he needs to settle down.

The same principles apply for disciplining your dog when they jump on furniture. When you see the dog on the couch or in the act of leaping on it, instantly shake the soda can and yell “get down!”

If you have a family cat or a dog lower in the pecking order, shake the soda when the dog misbehaves towards the other animals. It may scare the other animals momentarily, but the bad behavior in the top dog will decrease with this method.

Disciplining Your Dog: Effective Discipline

What makes the soda can technique so effective with disciplining your dog is it’s harmless, easy, and stress-free. It’s ideal for in-home use and it’s a clear message to your dog. The key with this tool in disciplining your dog the moment the misbehavior begins.