Hyper Dog Ball Launcher Review

I purchased a Hyper Dog Ball Launcher from Amazon because my hyper dog, Sheila, is a real pain in the butt. She’s a German Shepherd / Husky mix with more energy than a two-year-old high off caffeine. She won’t just settle for one walk. She demands a jog, a rubdown, and perhaps even a lengthy game of fetch. Suffice it to say, she’s a real handful, which is why I decided to invest in a Hyper Dog Ball Launcher.
It’s essentially a slingshot. You hold it steady with your left hand, and pull back with your right. Then you let go and watch your dog charge at the ball like a rhino. At first Sheila was unsure about it, but now she literally goes buck wild every time I pull back on it. The hard part is trying to keep her still. Methinks that running for the ball before I’ve launched it is akin to cheating, Madam!

Since the Hyper Dog Ball Launcher is a slingshot, you do have to work at it-in that the harder you pull, the farther the ball will launch. According to the manufacturer, the Hyper Dog can launch a ball up to 220 feet. That’s a lie. I’m a decently strong man, yet the farthest I’ve been able to launch a ball is 200 feet. Granted, that’s farther than I would have been able to launch the ball with just my hand, but still.

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If a young and handsome albeit geeky man can barely launch a ball 200 feet, can you imagine how far someone with weak or arthritic hands would be able to launch it? My point is that the Hyper Dog Ball Launcher isn’t an optimal choice for people with any sort of hand or arm condition. It’s not a no-sweat solution. It’s a lot less tiresome than taking Fido on a walk or throwing the ball 150 billion times, but it still requires effort.

Another concern is the band. The launcher came with an extra pair, but I still worry. Every time I pull back, especially when I pull hard, I worry that the band will snap and fly right into my face. I even heard about a guy who got a welt the size of a knuckle because his band snapped. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but still.

Ultimately, I’m fairly satisfied with my Hyper Dog Ball Launcher. Whereas exhausting Sheila used to require playing two hours of fetch and jogging for an hour, all that’s required now is one simple 45-minute (max) game of what I call ‘Super Duper Fetch.’ I plan to take it up a notch real soon by purchasing some bouncy Kong tennis balls. My hope is that it’ll cause the ball to go even farther, which will in turn force Sheila to work even harder! (HAHAHA evil laugh).

Anyway. If you’re in good shape and health, and you’re interested in finding a way to work your dog more quickly and efficiently (especially on those days when you’re just swamped with work), then definitely consider buying a Hyper Dog Ball Launcher.

Final Review Grade: A-