Ice Water Surprise

Who Was The Plumber?
House sitting can be many things: You learn to be flexible, how to live with as little STUFF as you can and still be comfortable, how to meet and deal with new challenges, adventures and more.

Lots of the house sitting can involve dogs and cats and if you get on their good side in the very beginning, it solves a lot of possible problems later on. How many dog biscuits to buy on your way to a new house is a consideration If you don’t like dogs and cats, be sure that’s not part of the job description.

You have to have a good memory, if you don’t and forget where the water shut off is, which closet the breaker panel for the electricity is in, is the cat an outdoor type? If so, and you forget and leave the cat in, will an odor begin to emanate from the closet? There can be any number of things that may just decide to malfunction as soon as the owners drive away in Pomona.

Being a Jack of all trades is definitely an asset where house sitting is concerned. Are you familiar with wood stoves and fireplaces, hammers and screwdrivers? Do you know what a water heater looks like and where to shut it off if it springs a leak? Knowing how to repair a leaky toilet is at the top of the list. There are lots of things that should be considered before deciding house sitting is for you.

Even if you’ve made a long list and checked it off more than once, you may still be in for some surprises the owner forgot to tell you about in their rush to get to the plane. One of those vivid in my mind is what I call, the ice water surprise. SO make sure you find water heater repair in Pomona.

I find shaving while I shower works best for me. Obviously, I don’t use an electric razor. Nice hot water and a liberal application of almost any good hand soap makes shaving easier than anything that comes in an aerosol can. I have found a soap that works wonders in one location may be a total dud in another. The water seems to be the determining factor and where we live and house sit, most clients are on wells and the water can vary widely from one side of the valley to the other as can the type of filters they use, if any.

At one house in the country that’s on a well, I was surprised to find the cold water didn’t go to the pressure tank and then into the basic water system. I found that out while shaving in the shower. Well water temperature in the valley is directly related to the climate. We have lots of snow and well water is only a few degrees of freezing.

I’d just gotten back from a seven mile, hard aerobic racewalking workout on the rural mountain roads and I was feeling good. Runner’s high isn’t just for runners. I had the water on hot enough to make shaving comfortable, had my eyes closed and was thinking about how good I feel after a hard walk. I was putting some more soap on my cheek when the well pump came on.

Imagine my surprise, and the words that burst from my mouth, when my nice warm water turned to a spray that was a degree or two above freezing. Fortunately, the pump and pressure tank are located inside the house to keep it from freezing during the winter months and I could hear it cycle on. Even though I hadn’t given any thought to listening for the pump before, I was well aware of the pump’s sound after that.

Why did that happen? When the house was built whoever did the plumbing plumbed the cold water side into the faucets before the well water went into the pressure tank. This means the cold water gets an uneven amount of pressure from the pump, a much higher pressure than what’s delivered to the pressure tank, and consequently the hot water heater, if cold water is on anywhere in the water system. The pump and tank are located under the stair well and the space is restricted. With a small pressure tank, the pump cycles on quite often.

I’m sure my hearing became much more acute and will remain so, at least during my showers. It’s amazing how fast we can learn and how much of that learning we will retain when hosed down with ice water.


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