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Pop Up Banner Stands


When you think of the putting a pop up banner at any promotional event to advertise your business the most important thing that you will require is the pop up banner stand. However, before deciding on the pop up banner stand one should finalize on the type of the pop up banner suitable for their business. There are a number of options available in the forms of the pop up banners like small banner, large banner, pop up stand, roller stand or pull up stand.

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PROKIT200Before you look into it, it is very crucial to develop the understanding of exactly it is that you are going to order. Number of companies often mistake these available various forms of pop up banner stands while placing the order. To help you understand this much better, here we will discuss a few of the points in details.


About Pop up Banner stand

As the name of the stand itself describes, the pop up banner stand is the stand on which the ad pop up. These are likely to be little bigger when compared to the pull up banners and hence become very much popular for exhibitions as well as the trade shows. The number of sections of the pop up banners stands is altogether clicked for making one banner stand that appears quite impressive. The pop up banner stands little bit costlier than the pull up banner stand.

201242919312The pop up banner stand is very much simpler to get installed and takes very little time in the process. It also gets referred as the roller banner or the roll up banner stand and usually has a height of 2 meters, whereas the width of the stand entirely depends on the need of the business.  It can also be printed on both the sides at much more affordable cost as compared to the other alternatives of the pop ups. The pull up stands are very much easy to set as well as to collapse. This is the reason it has become very much popular among sales teams who visits various trade shows. The cheaper or the affordable cost of the stand also make it an ideal option for advertising your business at any location.

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The three basic differences in between pull up or the pop up banner stands are:

  • Time for setting up:
  • Cost
  • Size


Hence, next time when it comes the time to order the banner stand for advertising your business, one should keep the major differences in between the pop up and the pull up banner stands while deciding your budget.